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About Us

Labour Consultants Bologna

Customers and sixty years of experience have made Studio Farina Redaelli one of the main players in the sector of labour consultancy and personnel management.

Interest and Care

The interest in this matter has brought us this far, as is natural. Since it is difficult to continue doing things well if you do not remain curious just like the beginning of a journey, especially when you have come a long way. Our customers have done the rest. Those who, as the law recalls, can leave when they want, if trust falls. They have remained, however, and new clients have arrived. Franco Farina recommended to his employees to feel as if they were employed by each assisted company. He recommended to take care of the relationship with them, because only a foolish worker does not care for his/her employer. The relational and interpersonal communication skills are not secondary to the satisfaction of the purely working needs of those who come to our firm.

The Firm and the People

 Federica Tattini  | Studio Farina Redaelli | Consulenti del Lavoro a Bologna

Federica Tattini

Consulente del Lavoro
 Alice Amadei  | Studio Farina Redaelli | Consulenti del Lavoro a Bologna

Alice Amadei

Consulente del Lavoro
Studio Farina Redaelli | Consulenti del Lavoro a Bologna