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Our History

A life dedicated to the profession


Franco Farina began his career as a Labour Consultant when the profession still had no defined contours. It was 1957 and the establishment of the Register only took place much later, in 1965. At the beginning, together with a handful of colleagues, he offered consultancy to organisations. In March 1961, he established his first office in Via San Gervasio 6 (Bologna, Italy). A small but sober environment, which recalled some rectories. Only a few pieces of furniture, a wardrobe and some computing machines. And one employee.


The firm moved into larger offices in Viale Silvani 3/6. The positive trend of the business required more space for machines and people. Not only employees, but also assisted companies that had grown dramatically and, from time to time, felt the need to search advice and interact with their Consultant at work. What distinguished Franco Farina and his firm from others was not only the knowledge and competence in keeping the procedures, but the trust granted and received.


In the autumn of this year the firm moved to Via Marconi 36. The rooms were large and spacious. The 1970s saw technology becoming a leading actor. Work became easier and assistance to companies took on new forms. IRPEF puts ‘Vanoni’ in retirement and there were no more contributory stamps. Once a year, staff and owner, went on a trip. In this office, at the age of nineteen, Lorella Farina began to work with her father.


In 1982 Lorella obtained the qualification. In the mid 80s, Pier Paolo Redaelli, who was also qualified, arrived and started to deal with the relations with trade unions as well as the training at organisations and companies. It was snowing when the firm moved to Via delle Lame 39. These were the years in which the INAM stopped existing, PCs were introduced to collect data and a machine to process them. The team was made up of women only, ahead of the quotas for women. Franco Farina passed away in 1987, Silvia Redaelli was born in 1991.


In July of this year the office moved to Via dei Mille 5. The stories coming together and that intermingled did not only regard work, too much life had been experienced together while working. Engagements, marriages, births. The big machine to process the data was dismantled and substituted by a PC for each employee who was able to manage the work independently, despite the initial distrust. Paper, however, still resisted, the payslips invading the spaces.


The firm’s headquarters are now at Via Santo Stefano 11, which is a senatorial building whose construction was decided by Giovanni Bolognini to give a beautiful residence to his family. Today it houses the Studio Farina Redaelli, which, in addition to services for companies, is well known for offering the people who work there a comfortable environment, with the most advanced technology to make the management of labour law ever more reliable.