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Terms of use


Please find below the general conditions of use of the Website (hereinafter called “Website”), registered and managed by “Studio Farina Redaelli by Farina Lorella and Redaelli Pier Paolo”, based in Bologna, Via Santo Stefano n. 11, 40125, Italy, VAT and Tax Code 02796191209, professional civil liability insurance UNIPOLSAI Fondiaria division n. 130664486 (hereinafter called “Studio Farina Redaelli”), which the visitor and/or user of the Website (hereinafter called “User”) is required to respect.

If the User does not agree with any of these general conditions, he must not use the Website.

The User must be an adult (18 years old). Otherwise, he must not use the Website and the services available on the Website.


1.Protection of intellectual property

The texts, images, drawings, icons and any other material on the Website are protected by copyright or other provisions on intellectual property and are the exclusive property of Studio Farina Redaelli and/or third parties.

Duplication, even partial reproduction, downloading, communication to third parties, publication or diffusion  by any means and more generally any act of disposition or use of the material contained on the Website, in all forms, are forbidden, unless expressly indicated otherwise in the Website or with prior written authorization from Studio Farina Redaelli and/or the corresponding right owners.


  1. Distinctive signs

The names and/or distinctive signs, as well as the logos used on the Website are the exclusive property of Studio Farina Redaelli or of third parties.

The use or reproduction in any form and manner of such names and/or signs and logos is prohibited, unless expressly stated otherwise on the Website or with prior written authorization by the corresponding right owners.


  1. Services available on the Website

Through the Website, the User can decide to use the following services:

Newsletter. The User, by entering his email address in the appropriate field, giving his consent to the processing of his personal data, and clicking on the “Subscribe” button, can request to be updated by e-mail on the “news” about the activity Studio Farina Redaelli, including suggestions and information regarding legislative, jurisprudential news, interpretations and practices in tax, social security, corporate and labour matters. The cancellation from this service may be requested at any time by the User through the appropriate link at the bottom of each newsletter.

Contacts. The User can contact Studio Farina Redaelli at any time by filling out the appropriate “Contact” or “Contact Us” form.

Additional services available on the Website (such as, for example, “Portal access”, “Attendance management” and “Document archive”) are with “restricted access” (i.e. are allowed, for specific uses, only to certain authorized persons) and, therefore, subject to specific conditions of use additional to these.


  1. Restrictions on to the use of the Website

It is expressly forbidden to use any part, section, content or service of the Website for directly or indirectly commercial or advertising activities of any kind, unless Studio Farina Redaelli has given its written authorization.


  1. Limitation of Liability

The texts, information and services available through the Website are subject to periodic changes and may contain errors.

Within the constraint of the law, Studio Farina Redaelli and/or its suppliers cannot be held responsible toward the User and any third parties for direct or indirect damages or for any kind of damages – including, for example, damages for non-use or loss of data – deriving from, or in any way connected to, the use of the Website or its services, the delay or inability to use the Website or its services, the supply or the failure to provide the services, or to any information, content or service obtained through the Website.


6.Connections (links) to other Websites

The Website may contain references to products and services provided by third parties or links to third party Websites.

Studio Farina Redaelli does not guarantee and assumes no responsibility for the content and information provided by such third parties, their completeness or accuracy, or for the content of the Websites of such third parties and any products and services provided by them through these sites.


  1. Personal data processing

Any processing of the User’s personal data will be carried out by Studio Farina Redaelli in full compliance with current legislation and the provisions of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data. The User is invited to read carefully the “Privacy Policy” of the Website, as well as any additional specific information related to the individual services available through the Website.

Regarding the use of cookies by the Website, please refer to the specific “Cookie” information.


  1. Termination of the service

Studio Farina Redaelli may suspend or terminate the User’s access to all or to a part of the Website, at any time, without notice and at its own discretion.



For any notification or information the User can contact:

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