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Why choose us

The Aptitude for the Profession

As a speaker said on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the firm: “when entering the Studio Farina Redaelli, one immediately feels that people are not all the same.” Moreover, the degree course in Labour Consultancy includes philosophical and sociological topics among the subjects to be discussed. The two statements seem distant and disconnected, yet if we are talking about people, even before workers or customers, for Us nothing is closer and more connected.

People are not all the same

The complexity of the labour market does not require that you take care of everything, but that you take care of everything with specificity, skill and expertise, according to the subjects, who are not all the same. Customers. Our employees and collaborators. This is why for sixty years we have been managing the employees of the most important companies in the area, that we try to give concrete answers to different needs, that we value the human factor, that we have made trust our bulwark. The firm’s oldest client was born with the firm itself. Most of the employees of the firm were born as workers in the firm.

1957 – 2017, things have changed

Globalisation has arrived, internationalisation; social networks, the internet, digitalisation has been introduced. You can now offer your consulting services from anywhere on the planet.

With the free movement of EU citizens and the entry of non-EU citizens, the Labour Consultant has also assumed a central role in the regularisation of employment relationships, fighting illegal work alongside the institutions.

And child labour, which resists. One must protect it in all its forms and develop training for young people through training internships, work placements and apprenticeships.

The Labour Consultant has thus assumed a fundamental social role. Especially for small companies, stunned by the crisis, and yet not protected by the redundancy fund. The launch, therefore, of agreements with trade unions and organisations interested in the management of the shock absorbers in derogation.

A demanding labour market has emerged, requiring professional figures that are more and more specific. From here derives a careful research and selection of employees. And a new reform that includes Labour Consultants among the actors of civil and commercial mediation. Finally, even if it is still not enough, one has felt the need to protect health and safety in the workplace with specific activities.

Our firm has been able to keep the pace. Not only. On the increasingly stringent uncertainty of a future pension, as delegates from the Labour Foundation, we also offer the pension service, for all workers and for all public and private funds.

Why choose us

Choosing a Labour Consultant is rhetorical. Several fulfilments nowadays require having one. The constantly evolving legislation requires having one. The poor, widespread inclination to institutional portals requires having one. Because even in the era of digitalisation it should not be taken for granted. So why is it that choosing us is hard to admit? Because we risk stumbling into a badly made captatio benevolentiae (from the Latin “winning of goodwill”), far from trust as a value and from the person as a relationship.

1957 – 2017

Studio Farina Redaelli celebrates its 60 years of activity

We do not do an extraordinary thing a month, we offer a professional service in a timely and silent way every moment. Here lies the extraordinary.

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