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Asse. Co. Certification

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Asse. Co. Certification

The Ministry of Labour and Labour Consultants have signed an agreement that allows the latter to certify the regularity of companies in the management of employment relationships. This agreement is called Asse. Co. Certification and it wants to promote the culture of legality. Sworn companies have two immediate benefits: the possibility of reduced inspection and certainty of the regularity of contributions and company contracts. Furthermore, in the competition in private contracts, sworn translations are an integral part of the investigations.

The Asse. Co. Certification is issued by the National Council of the Order at the request of the company following two declarations of responsibility of the owner of the company and of the Labour Consultant who assists him/her. The declarations must dispel offenses and irregularities. Studio Farina Redaelli is authorised to issue the declaration of responsibility for your company.

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