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Official Technical Consultancy (OTC)

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Official Technical Consultancy (OTC)

The rule states: “When necessary, the judge can be assisted by one or more consultants of particular technical competence for the performance of individual acts or for the whole process.” The Official Technical Consultant (OCT) is an individual with specific professional and technical skills. Therefore, he/she plays a vital role in civil, criminal and labour trials. He/she can be party-appointed or public. In the first case, the consultant is appointed by one of the parties, while in the second case he/she is appointed by the Judge. In both cases, the pre-requisite must be the registration in special registers held at the competent court.

The appraisal that the Official Technical Consultant is called to draw up, although it should not be considered decision-making, as the decision is up to the Judge, is nevertheless useful for the purposes of the judgment. Dr. Farina has acquired many years of experience as a Official Technical Consultant.

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