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Training For Apprenticeships

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Training For Apprenticeships

The apprenticeship contract is characterised by a strong training content. The employer who uses this type of contract is required to have an additional obligation with respect to the salary: he/she is required to offer training that is useful for achieving a given qualification or professional diploma. Likewise, the apprentice is obliged to follow the training course offered to him/her. Studio Farina Redaelli has acquired well-founded experience as a tutor for alternation. For several years, in fact, it has been collaborating effectively with the major territorial training bodies, looking after their relations with companies and their apprentices and verifying the completeness and clarity of the documentation related to the training course. The tutoring activity, in addition to ensuring the correctness of the performance of the obligation, offers the opportunity to take advantage of the methodological-didactic advice for the purpose of improving the quality of training.

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