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Personnel Administration

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Personnel Administration

This service requires the performance of a series of activities and obligations related to the creation, definition and evolution of an employment relationship. That is, pay statements; keeping of the company payroll; attendance management; archiving of documents; online employment and termination of employment relationships; costs; procedures for the payment of salaries; calculation and preparation of INPS (Italian National Social Security Institution) telematic mailings.

Continuing, procedures for company internships; newsletters; holiday records – holidays – permits – hours – TFR (severance pay); calculation of monthly personal IRPEF (income) tax deductions; F24 payment form and online transmission; Tax return forms (Mod. 770/CU); INAIL (National Institute for the Prevention of Accidents at Work) self-liquidation and salary report; illnesses and accidents; calculation of the TFR for employees who have resigned or dismissed; calculation of payments from other Social Security Institutions (Executives, Middle Managers, etc.); declaration of responsibility for tax deductions.

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